Patient Billing

Truetox Laboratories is a New York based, industry leading, reference toxicology laboratory that is licensed throughout the United States. We provide medication monitoring services using state-of-the-art technology. We pride ourselves in giving excellent service to you, our clients, and to the physicians who serve you.

Truetox will, as required by law, attempt to collect only those fees which your insurance carrier considers you responsible for. You may also receive a bill if your insurance carrier does not cover lab testing or if you are uninsured.  After your insurance carrier has been billed for services, you may receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) for such. Although the EOB details the costs of laboratory services performed IT IS NOT A BILL.

Truetox provides a service that is separate from your doctor’s office visit or clinic services. Therefore, your insurance will be billed separately for our services.

Truetox accepts all insurances.

If you are not insured, insurance does not cover your testing, you will receive a bill from Truetox.

If you have insurance, and are not a Self-pay patient, simply fill out the back of your Patient Statement with your current complete insurance information and mail it to the address listed below. Or, you can fax the information to our HIPAA compliant fax line at (516) 408-3779. Please follow the fax with a phone call to (844) 878-3869 so that our team may confirm receipt.

That check must be forwarded to our Billing department with a restrictive endorsement and the Explanation of Benefits (EOB).

If your account becomes delinquent it may be forwarded to our outside collection agency.

Our Billing Support Team will offer payment plans that meets your situation. To receive a Hardship Request Form contact us at (844) 878-3869.

You can pay your bill by credit card on our secure web portal, or by clicking on the “Client Payment” link on top right of the website and follow the instructions. You can also pay by check by either contacting us at (844) -TRUETOX (878-3869) or sending a check to:
Truetox Laboratories
Billing Support Team
50 Rose Place
Garden City Park, NY 11040